Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fossil Rim

Since we have been working so hard lately, Scott and I decided to have a little fun today and drove to Glen Rose to visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Preserve.

Once we arrived, we took a leisurely drive through the preserve to see and feed the animals. Almost all of the animals would come up to your car so you could throw them some food pellets. Quite a few would even eat right out of your hand. It was so much fun!

The best part was when we drove up to see the giraffes. Everything was going fine. Scott was feeding one from the sunroof and then the next thing you know his whole head was inside the car. He tried to take the entire bag of food. As you can see by the pictures (in the album posted) I was a little freaked out. We were finally able to escape after I firmly pushed the giraffe's head out of the car. Scott and I couldn't stop wasas if we had been car jacked by a giraffe.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another Milestone

This week has been crazy - Scott has been working non-stop. He is teaching two Maymester classes, which means he has been working Monday thru Saturday. Plus, this week he also had to teach on Sunday ! The good news is that after working so much for the past month he will finally get a break! His Maymester classes just ended and he will only be teaching one graduate class on Saturdays this Summer.

We passed another milestone this week...we have made it through my second trimester! Woohoo! My doctor says that the baby and I are doing great. Just to be safe Dr. C wants to keep a close eye on things, so we get to go see him every two weeks. We actually look forward to each doctor's visit because each time I have a sonogram and we get to see the baby. I say "we" because both Scott & I have had to deal with me being pregnant. Between the doctor visits, mood swings and water retention, Scott has been there to cheer me on. We only have 115 more days to go (not that we're counting) and we are both getting more excited with each passing day.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life In the Burbs

Although we are still in the process of unpacking, this past weekend Scott and I decided we needed to do a little yard work. This is what our new and improved front yard looks like after a whole lot of manual labor.

We found a great place that promotes organic gardening, so everything we used for our yard is organic. With a little help we managed to replace the dead tree in our front yard with a new one (you have to look close at the picture - but it's there). After that we had to weed the front beds, mix in some compost, add a few annuals and spread some new mulch. Scott even trimmed the shrubs!

This weekend marks a milestone - Scott and I have formally progressed from a couple of urban yuppies to a couple of breeders living in the burbs. The only thing missing is the mini van! Of which we have both sworn an oath to each other that we will never own. (Nothing against mini vans, they are just not for us).


Thursday, May 4, 2006

We Made It!

We've survived the move. What a pain in the butt! Everything was going great...the movers showed up right on time and were almost finished getting the truck loaded when they tried to start the truck and nothing happened. Turns out something was wrong with the starter!

Of course by this time I was already on my way to the new house with the kitties ( Scott stayed with the moving crew just in case they needed him for something). Both cats were freaking out (as to be expected). I had to get to the new house in time to meet the delivery guys. We bought a new refrigerator and dishwasher and they were scheduled to install it.

Needless to say it all worked out. The moving company towed the moving truck to our new house and unloaded it. I wish I had a camera because a picture of the moving truck being towed would have been priceless.

We are now in the process of unpacking. I never realized how much stuff we have now that we have combined everything. We will definitely be having a garage sale sometime soon.